We are looking for pizza lovers everywhere

About the Col'Cacchio Family

Col’Cacchio stores are owner operated, with pizza-proud champions behind the scenes. Our ideal franchise partners are hard-working and resourceful, dedicated to keeping customers’ hearts and tummies full, all while serving sumptuous Italian inspired meals.

Becoming a Col’Cacchio franchisee means becoming part of the family, with all the support you’d expect from our passionate people. When you become a Col’Cacchio franchisee, you’ll receive full front-of-house and back-of-house training, both before your doors open, and once the store is operational.

You’ll also receive ongoing support with store visits, to ensure your store is running like a well-oiled pizza making machine, and that you’re never alone in the face of challenges. As a Col’Cacchio franchisee, you’ll be in control of your own authentic, family-style Italian restaurant, with all the guidance to get it right from the start. Why not get your slice?


Meet Some Of Our Col’Cacchio Franchise Partners


Craig Paterson

Somerset West

Career Background

I have been fortunate to have been at the helm of some of South Africa’s top Hotel and restaurant kitchens. I have filled the role of Executive Chef, Group Executive Chef and Chef Patron.

Favourite Menu Item

My favourite menu items are Pizza (The Moghul) and Pasta (Crema Di Gamberi), I love the depth of flavour of both hose dishes and how it lingers on your palate.

Favourite Guest Moment

I don’t have a particular moment, there are so many. I believe what I try and create is memories, whether it is a anniversary or some special occasion and we go out of our way to do whatever can we do to enhance those memories….

What makes Col’Cacchio stand out from the competition?

Passion, drive, pride, bold yet humble. Finesse… the list goes on. I am a Chef by heart and will always be and I have always loved Col’Cacchio’s food because it is tasty, uncomplicated with the correct amount of finesse and very generous.


Vera Sharnock

Waterfall (Midrand)

Career Background

Interior Architecture

Favourite Menu Item

Pizza (Carpe Funghi)

Favourite Guest Moment

After not having eaten a pizza for 37 years, I managed to convince my customer to try one of our pizzas on a gluten-free base. And yes… It was AMAZING! He comes in weekly for his pizza fix and a catch-up.

What makes Col’Cacchio stand out from the competition?

Quality; I am so proud of what we offer, from the fresh, top-notch ingredients, to responsible buying and clean environments- that is continually monitored by the support team in order to ensure that we as a group perform to the highest of standards.


Dimitri Simitopoulos


Career Background   

Automotive, hospitality & restaurants

Favourite Menu Item

My favourite dish is the Ragu di Manzo (It’s a pasta sauce) which I put on a pizza for regular customers, they love it.

Favourite Guest Moment

So many, but seeing my customers enjoying their meal and leaving happy makes every day at my shop worth it.

What makes Col’Cacchio stand out from the competition?

After meeting the board of directors and the staff under them I realised wow what a passionate bunch of people who strive for the best service and the ultimate product and I knew I had found another family to belong to. Honoured and blessed to be part of a franchise like this one hence the success and rebirth of Brooklyn heading one way and that is to the top.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is previous food or restaurant experience necessary to obtain a Col’Cacchio franchise?

Restaurant experience is beneficial but not necessarily a requirement.  We are looking for hands-on and passionate operators who are not afraid of hard work.  If you have experience running another type of business, including exceptional people management skills and you are committed to service excellence and creating customer loyalty, we have a complete training program as well as an operational team that can help you learn this business as well as provide ongoing support.


What does the application process to be approved as a franchise entail?

  • Completion of application form
  • Satisfy financial requirements
  • Undertake a psychometric assessment
  • Participate in a practical assessment in one of our restaurants over 3 full days
  • Conduct a panel interview at our Head office with Operational team and management


Is there a cost for the Initial training program?

The cost for the initial training programme is included in the initial set up cost.  Travel, accommodation, wages, and staff meals for all staff during the initial training phase are the responsibility of the franchisee during this time and is included in the setup budget as part of the working capital requirement


How long is the initial training period?

Full training is provided for you and your staff by our experienced operations team prior to opening a new restaurant and is carried out over a period of a two months.  We also provide on-site support in your new restaurant for up to a month after the grand opening.


Does the franchisor offer ongoing support and are there any additional training costs?

Ongoing support includes practical on-site training, classroom work and our interactive online video training programme for franchisees which is made up of various modules. There is a nominal monthly fee per employee to maintain the video training programme and produce regular updated content.

In addition to the above the Operations team conduct weekly restaurant visits to assess compliance and maintain consistency across the group. the Operations & Procedures Manual is also available to all franchisees through our online portal.


How much does a franchise cost?

The estimated turnkey set up cost of a franchise is between R2.5M and R4.1M (excluding VAT), dependent on the size and format of the restaurant.

A joining fee of R125,000 (excluding VAT) is payable immediately upon signing of the Franchise Agreement. The joining fee is included in the total setup cost.


Am I protected from other Col’Cacchio stores opening near my store?

We do not determine a specific “protected area” around each restaurant as there are a multitude of factors that determine the appropriate distance between restaurants. However when assessing a specific location we conduct an extensive feasibility assessment including demographic and market potential analysis which will assess the size of the area, density of population, traffic, competition, visibility and any other factors that may affect the success of the restaurant.

This information along with the type of location is always taken into consideration when considering locations that may potentially overlap in terms of catchment area. It would never be in our best interest to open restaurants too close to one another and effectively cannibalize each other’s market.


How long do I have to develop the store under the Franchise Agreement?

Once a lease has been concluded and the Franchise agreement signed you will have 6 months to develop and open the restaurant.


How long is the Franchise Agreement, and is it renewable?

The Franchise Agreement runs for 5 years and if the franchisee is in compliance following the initial term, will be renewable for a further 5 years. A renewal fee equivalent to the current joining fee at the time of renewal is payable immediately on signature of the new Franchise Agreement.


How much are the management fees and how is it collected?

The management fees are 6% of gross turnover and, payable monthly by debit order.  You must use the POS system we designate, and have internet access at your store location. Your POS system will be polled to keep track of sales.


How much are the marketing fees?

The marketing fees are 2% of gross turnover, payable monthly by debit order.  You are also required to spend at least 1% of gross sales on local advertising.


What is the marketing fee used for?

We use the fees for creation, production and placement of media for national brand advertising, public relations, market research, brand recognition, and in-house staff coordinating these efforts.  We do not use the marketing fees to recruit franchisees.


I have little or no experience in commercial leasing. Will Col’Cacchio assist me?

Yes. We have a development team who are familiar with commercial leasing.  While we will review and help prepare the necessary documents, we do not serve as legal counsel or in any other professional capacity.


What does the franchise system include?

Owning and operating an approved Col’Cacchio franchise, right of use of the brand name, trademarks, recipes, operational systems and methods, and identity.

Additionally, you will receive support in these specific areas:

  • Restaurant planning on site location and architectural design
  • Specifications for fixtures, equipment, and leasehold improvements
  • Assistance in site selection and lease negotiation
  • Corporate training for Owner/Operator staff
  • Kitchen/Back of the House Workflow design
  • Ongoing support by the Training and Operations Team
  • Ongoing updates and menu revisions for increasing profitability
  • Products with high industry demand
  • Efficiency in all systems
  • Favourable contracts with suppliers of goods and services
  • Operating manuals, policies, procedures, and business management systems